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Alternative Look for Disabled Buttons

Recently I was told that the disabled buttons in our Universal Theme application were not... disabled enough.


And I have to agree in a way. If that button was the only button visible on the page, it could be seen as the application's default color scheme.

So we added some very simple CSS:

.a-Button.is-disabled, .a-Button[disabled], .t-Button.is-disabled, .t-Button[disabled] {
  background: url() repeat;
  color: #6a6a6a;

Here's what a disabled button looks now:


There's no way to confuse them anymore.

Demo: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=113646:1

Enjoy these APEX CSS tricks? Let me know and I'll post more.

Head here to see them all.

Alternative Look for Disabled Buttons
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