APEX as a PWA: The Complete Guide

APEX as a PWA: The Complete Guide

Covered Features

  • Installing the APEX app on a mobile device
  • Making the APEX app available offline
  • Syncing offline requests when getting back online
  • Sending push notifications


Using my demo on GitHub

  1. Import the demo app on your workspace
  2. Meet the requirements listed in Part 2
  3. Move the following files on your doc_root folder
  4. Replace the following values in these files
    • src/manifest.json
      • Replace the start_url value with your own application URL
    • server/server.js
      • Replace CHANGE_ME_1 with your Firebase service account file
      • Replace CHANGE_ME_2 with your email, public key and private key
      • Replace CHANGE_ME_3 with your Firebase database URL