Atom: Select Variables Faster

Atom: Select Variables Faster

Some languages like HTML and CSS have syntactical standards promoting the use of the hyphen/dash symbol (-).

Let's consider a variable l_my_variable in PL/SQL.
In JavaScript I would name it myVariable.
In CSS I would name it my-variable.

In Atom if you double click on this CSS class, only a part of the class will be selected:


So you have to manually select the whole thing...

Atom has a setting called Non Word Characters which is definable per language:

Let's remove the hyphen/dash in there /\()"':,.;<>~!@#$%^&*|+=[]{}?...

Now when double clicking on the same variable it will select the whole thing:


It's not much but it's saves me a few clicks.

Can you think of a better use for the Non Word Characters setting?